Product Lines
Wood decking materials, European impasto plasters, fence, solid timber flooring, garden house, imported ceramic tiles, wrought iron, railway sleepers, bricks, stones, name plates, mailboxes, signs, lighting, cladding, conservatories, garages, awnings, wood fire stoves, paint, power tools, toys,kitchen construction material, cabinet, door, window, basin,top board of kitchen, outdoor leisure products, pet accessories, furniture, etc.

We are running more than 30 websites. The total traffic is more than 100 thousand everyday.
Your products will be sold through the websites to everywhere in the world.

We have customers everywhere in Japan. Our logistics system makes it possible to deliver products including heavy or long ones such as timbers and stones to everywhere in Japan.

Most of new Internet order business leave the market within a few years.
However, we are developing in this market and have a history of more than a decade.

We have a group of corporate customers, called "Liebe Pro".
This allows us to have a strong relationship with our corporate customers.

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